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My journey into floristry happened quite by accident and what was a hobby is now a flourishing business. I have trained at the London Covent Garden Academy of flowers and then at Talloulah Rose flower school in the Lake district .


Whimsical, wild and tumbling displays is what I love to do best and we endeavour to offer substainable and environmental friendly floristry. Large dramatic floral installations and big bouncy show stopping floral bouquets have set us apart from others.


When I am not working my floristry magic, you can find me relaxing at home with my family and enjoying a cold glass of Chablis!


This job is all about teamwork and I couldn't do what I do without these lovely ladies. No matter how big the job is, we have it covered..

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An original member from the beginning, Feebs has swapped taking blood tests to pottering with flowers. She holds the reins of team Simply Bespoke if the Boss is away. She specialises in little to large, from exquisite button holes to  dramatic tumbling urns. She is the first to put the kettle on.

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Lovely Laura is our newest member of Simply Bespoke and joined in Autumn 2021. Her love of Proteas reflects her upbringing in South Africa. Laura’s ability to re-create florals from our mood boards is second to none. Shame the same cannot be said for her navigation of Guernsey roads!!


B joined Simply Bespoke in 2018. A vibrant, fun and loud member of the team, Beryl will always be there with her watering can and ‘fluffer’ (water spray). She is the best dressed florist in town and you will hear B before you see her.


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Bright and breezy Cat who is a talented creative artist also joined as part of the original team in 2018. Mechanical installations and large hanging floral designs are Cat’s specialty. You will always spot Cat with her killer fringe and bright lipstick.


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Our little fairy Faye is a wonder women in disguise. Always rises to each challenge and tackles mechanical problems head on. A very cheerful and valued member of the team. While not working with flowers, she is a busy mum of two smalls as well as running her own business.



With years of floristry experience under her belt, Sophie jointed our busy team last year. A fit and keen member of staff, no job is too big or too small. We are going to make sure Sophie embraces big earrings as with all members of Simply staff…..Bounce is a popular hobby as well has working her two lovely old woofers.


Fiona is the queen of foraging and mosses Christmas wreaths at lightning speed. A keen gardener, and grower, Fiona has a love for arts and crafts, Fiona is a valuable member of Simply Bespoke. 

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